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Nigerian BPO Webhosting Solutions

We help Nigeria’s business process outsourcing (BPO) companies to create web/internet solutions that will serve their need, no matter the web solution need for your clients or business you’re  serving.

For example you Block Email to send or receive from certain domains only such as airtel, mtn, yourclientsdomain.com etc. Email distribution system for IT Manager sending emails to different agents at different locations, Chat support system for your agents or clients customers, database management for your real estate or shops etc.
Our BPO webhosting solution is a hosting solution where we customize our hosting or webmail and integrate various software to meet your BPO company’s need.

Are you Contact Center Service Provider, Call Center Service Provider, Call Center Outsourcing agency, Business manager, Government or individual? we have solutions.
Our solutions customization have three components:
1.Your BPO Company webaddress:  This allows you, agents/customers, or staffs to locate the solution.
2. Online infrastructure: This allows you, agents/customers, or staffs to access the solution online.
3. Software:  this component allows us to integrate various features, software, programs serving your different needs eg Automatic Email distribution to agents/client customers, Invoicing/billings management, chat supports system, affiliate management system, customers management system, data collection, database management system, work in progress management system etc per your need.
Tell us about your Business process outsourcing need and let us set up the web solution in Nigeria.
PerfectVisualhost is based in lagos Nigeria, we deliver your BPO agency solution online, your location in Nigeria doesn’t matter, contact us and let us know the solution you’re looking for, we will give you the quote and begin to work on the solution. Click here to contact us