Internet web site marketing tips – selecting keywords

I remember the days I was doing one of the biggest mistakes when choosing keywords for my Internet web site marketing.

Can you guess it?

It’s choosing the most popular keywords.

Do you make this mistake too?

Here are a few reasons why the popular keywords shouldn’t be considered for your Internet web site marketing:

Most popular keywords are getting lot’s of searches in search engines, thousands a day. By side these keywords have the highest competition to deal with.

Most popular keywords have big competition in pay per click advertising campaigns. The bigger the competition – the bigger the cost per click for the keyword.

Many marketers fall into the same trap: the most popular keywords get the most searches in search engines and pay per click campaigns.

“I will build my Internet web site marketing campaign on this and that keywords and get lots of visitors to my web site!.”


What you’ll get for sure is the biggest competition as if you will be dealing with many the same thinking marketers and marketing corporations (which have capital to invest in highly competitive market).

The more popular the keyword, the more bigger the competition.

Why not build your Internet web site marketing campaign on less popular keywords, keyword phrases?

You’ll get less competition and a real possibility to compete for your business.

There isn’t a solid method to choose the right keywords, however… One great rule of business explains the above said very clearly and it should be memorized as one of key rules while building your Internet business and internet web site marketing campaign.

Here it is:

“Search for the biggest demand and the lowest supply”

You can apply this rule when choosing your keywords. Search for the biggest demand keywords that have slightly low competition.

Memorize this rule and start applying it today and you’ll notice how this principle is critical and how greatly it will help you in your Internet web site marketing.


“Search for the biggest demand and the lowest supply”

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