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Nigeria-digital-marketing5With advent of internet digital campaigns and various image promotion benefits associated with it; as a force for good in Africa is taken the bull by the horn to help organizations and institutions to market their place online such as city, state, location, tourism etc to the world using multi-channel and meticulous digital campaigns approach. “place” online professional marketers in Nigeria will assist you promote your place and all its features all over the internet.

Whatever place you want to promote to the world; be it tourism, location or city has the online digital campaign advanced set of tools, place digital marketing system and technologies to attract the right set of target individuals and groups to the location or city. Every advertising campaign will be designed to effectively reach your target audience in Nigeria, entire Africa or world wide. will professionally run your place services or features advertisement in Nigeria/Africa or entire world in such a way that is accurate, complete, and clear and design to promote credibility and trust by the Nigerian general public and world at large.  Your digital place adverts will be displaying to various locations, cities around the world and regions where people or group you choose to attract to your place are located. The advert will display to target audiences at home on their computers, they’re logged in to a library computer, or on their smartphones, or on laptops in coffee shops etc.

Agencies online marketers in NigeriaWhen you tell your place digital marketing objectives and goals, then the place digital marketers will consider best methods, map out plans, design and employ numerous digital marketing tools and formats among which are:


  • Text ads: those are the same ads that advertisers can use on the search network, with the same character and punctuation restrictions.
  • Image ads: a static image, that can vary in sizes and appear on different pages and places on a website.
  • Video ads: ad that embeds a video and also youtube promoted videos as the campaigns require
  • Press release: there will be press release written that will be circulated around internet to 100s of platforms and online news agencies.
  • Articles: There will be series of informative and persuasive articles that will tell the target audiences stories about the place in a manner that is all positive and uplifting of the image

There’re tens of tools and many digital marketing tactical and strategic approaches employ by AdHang’s place marketers (e.g for event see AdHang’s events advertising approach at


The place digital advertisements will appear above, below, alongside and even in the middle of websites’ page content, and will be found in millions of every imaginable style and type of websites the target audience visit on daily basis. brings game-changing place online digital campaigns opportunities, acting on them right now is your biggest weapon against your competitors.

Contact personally with your place digital marketing campaigns requirements and features for flawless project completion.

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