Nigerian PHP MYSQL Training

PHP/MYSQL  Website development training in Nigeria Lagos

(CSS is inclusive if you do not know it)
Cost N70,000
After this php/mysql programming training
among websites and applications you can  develop are:
Database driven website like
Portal website
E-commerce website
Social website like
Content management syetem website etc
And students will be:
-Up to speed with tried-and-true programming strategies, for both Web and local development.
-Have gained valuable tips and tricks for using the PHP language and syntax.
-See how to integrate MySQL in Windows, PHP’s most popular development platform.
-Learn how to streamline PHP’s interaction with MySQL, SQL, and relational databases in general.
-See how Object Orientated Programming with PHP can allow for code reuse, modularity and rapid development.
-Watch how PHP’s sessions can be used to quickly build full-scale web applications.
-Glimpse at PHP’s inner workings to understand how to build secure and performance conscience programs, including proper use of references, global variables and scope.
-Begin to see how PHP Technology can be leveraged to rapidly create and maintain large enterprise web applications.

Class 3 times per week, Duration: 2 weeks, 3hours per day

Course Outline:

Lesson 1

Introducing PHP and MySQL
The PHP Story
Quick intro to html and css
Simple html example

Lesson 2

Setting Up a PHP-MySQL Development Environment
Obtaining the Software
Installing and Configuring the Software
Configuring Apache and mysql

Lesson 3

Using Variables, Statements, and Operators
Embedding PHP in HTML
Storing Values in Variables
Assigning and Using Variable Values
Saving Form Input in Variables
Understanding Simple Data Types
Detecting the Data Type of a Variable
Using Operators to Manipulate and Compare Variables
Using Arithmetic Operators
Using String Operators
Using Comparison Operators
Using Logical Operators
Using the Auto-Increment
and Auto-Decrement Operators
Understanding Operator Precedence

Lesson 4

Using Conditional Statements and Loops
Adding Decision-Making Capabilities
with Conditional Statements
Using the if() Statement
Using the switch() Statement
Nesting Conditional Statements
Merging Forms and Their Result Pages
with Conditional Statements
Repeating Actions with Loops
Using the while() Loop
Using the do() Loop
Using the for() Loop
Controlling Loop Iteration with break and continue

Lesson 5

Using Files, Sessions, Cookies, and External Programs
Reading and Writing Files
Reading Data from a File

Lesson 6

Writing Data to a File
Testing File Attributes
Obtaining Directory Listings
Managing Sessions and Using Session Variables
Creating a Session and Registering Session Variables
Destroying a Session
Storing Data in Cookies
Setting Cookies
Retrieving Cookie Data
Deleting Cookies
Dealing with Dates and Times
Executing External Programs

Lesson 7

Working with Databases and Tables
Creating Databases
Creating Tables
Specifying Field Data Types
Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type
Adding Field Modifiers and Keys
Selecting a Table Type
Altering Tables
Altering Table and Field Names
Altering Field Properties
Adding and Removing Fields and Keys
Altering Table Types
Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables
Backing Up Databases and Tables
Restoring Databases and Tables from Backup
Dropping Databases and Tables
Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information

Lesson 8

Editing Records and Performing Queries
Inserting Records
Editing and Deleting Records
Performing Queries
Retrieving Specific Columns
Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause
Using Operators
Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates
Limiting Results
Using Built-In Functions
Grouping Records
Joining Tables
Using Subqueries
Using Table and Column Aliases

Lesson 9

Querying a MySQL Database with PHP
Using MySQL and PHP Together
Managing Database Connections
Performing Queries
Processing Result Sets
Queries Which Return Data
Queries That Alter Data
Handling Errors
Using Ancillary Functions

Lesson 10

Validating User Input
Setting Input Constraints at the Database Layer
Using the NULL Modifier
Using the UNIQUE Modifier
Using Field Data Types
Validating Input at the Application Layer
Checking for Required Values
Restricting the Size of Input Data
Checking the Type of Input Data
Checking for Illegal Input Values
Validating Dates
Validating Multiple-Choice Input
Matching Patterns

Lesson 11

Project: News Publishing System
Understanding Requirements
Designing the Database
Listing and Displaying News Items
Listing News Items
Displaying Story Content
Manipulating News Items
Listing News Items
Adding News Items
Deleting News Items
Editing News Items
Protecting the Administration Module


You will get following bonuses:

Bonus 1: HTML/XHTML/CSS Book 452 Pages, Cost N8,000.
Bonus 2: PROFESSIONAL JAVASCRIPT Book 841 Pages Cost N13,000.
Bonus 3: PHP AND MYSQL Book 1080 Pages Cost  N20,000.
Total cost of these Books is N40,000. You will take the Books home free of charge after the website training to extend and enlarge your knowledge on  Website development/programing industry.
But I don’t know how long I’ll keep these bonuses and softwares up there. It’s part of a marketing test I’m doing. They’re worth a lot to me in my heart, and at any time I could take them down forever. So if you want them, get in quick.

Note that the only requirement for you to become a website designer & developer is to know what is computer and can concentrate during the php/mysql web training. Leave the less to us, you will be surprised about  the result at the end of your web development training.
If you have any question you can reach us Call anytime 24hours i:e Night inclusive. If you are coming outside Lagos and you don’t have an accommodation let us know in advance. Note that this is first come first serve basis.
Make payment to bank below:
Bank: Ecobank,  Acount Name: Perfect Visual, Account Number: 0802004513

Office No 2 St Patrick Street Ojo alaba International market Lagos. Make payment through above Bank account , Come with your payment slip or money(you can pay twice) to have the php/mysql training start immediately.
We are waiting….