How productively use a traffic rotator!

What is a traffic rotator? How can you benefit from using a traffic rotator? How is effective split testing used with traffic rotators? A traffic rotator is very useful tool when utilized properly.

A traffic rotator is a link where you can insert multiple links within itself. So everytime your click on the the rotator link, it will cycle thru all the links your put into the rotator link evenly. If you are promoting more than one program or running more than one advertisement at a time, this can be very useful and time effective. All you need to do when you want to change your link rotation is change one or more of the links in your traffic rotator url. This feature is used by the majority of marketers online however, traffic rotators can be used for a more important tactic.

Traffic rotators are one of the best ways to split test your links to find out which ones are the most effective with pulling in sales or double opin subscribers. Lets say that you have 5 links in a traffic rotator and they all are geared toward getting optin subscribers.

Lets say these links look like this for example….

Now you will create a redirect URL for your double optin autoresponder which will redirect the subscriber to another website after they enter their name and e-mail address.
Now the trick is to track your redirect url so that you know which rotator url your subscribers come from.

So lets say your tracking links look like this…

If your redirect url is tracked with more than the other tracked redirects than you will see which rotator link is performing better than the others. Now you can promote that more effective rotator link and delete the other less effective ones.
This is one way to effectively split test your sites and save yourself time and money looking for productive links and sales copy.

Not tracking your ads is ultimately costing your money. If you are able to promote an effective ad for a prolonged period of time and create sales without any additional effort besides advertising then you are doing yourself a huge favor.

So take the time to split test your ads, it doesn’t take very long and does not take much effort but reaps huge rewards.
I hope that this article has helped you get an idea of how to use traffic rotators effectively in your marketing efforts.

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