How To Drive Traffic To Your Site Without Paying Big Bucks

Everybody who owns a website dreams about getting tons of traffic directed to it. But getting  your site noticed out of literally millions of sites can be a pretty tedious task sometimes. Many people think that they need to invest hundreds or thousands through pay per click search engines or SEO programs in order to get any traffic, but that simply is not the case. There is a simple way to get your site noticed that requires no money at all: content.  In this article we will discuss how to use content on your site to draw in more traffic via search engines.

One popular misconception that a lot of people have is that Meta Tags are the key to getting search engine traffic. This simply is not true. While meta tags are important, what really draws a search engines attention is content. The more content you have about a  subject on your site, the higher your chances are of getting traffic from a search engine.  But remember to mention your topic plenty of times on the page. You do not have to get  too redundant with it, but it is essential to mention your keywords at least six times. Also, you must write actual content, not just the keyword over and over again, because this is called keyword spamming, and it has been said that it can actually get you blocked from engines. Another good tip while creating your content pages is to make them single pages, do make them frame based, because some engines have a harder time picking this up.

How many content pages you need depends on what your site is. If you are doing something that is unique you may not need many pages. If you are working in a saturated market, however, you may need dozens, maybe hundreds of articles to get your site to the top of the engines. This may sound like a lot of work, but it is not that bad once you start doing it. Just do a few articles a day, and within a month you will  likely have have more than enough content to pull in the traffic you deserve. And if you need help building the content, there are countless sites that offer either free or very cheap content for your sites. Remember: if you build the content, they will come!

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