How To Make Ads That Get Response

Here are several suggestions on how you can improve on your color printing ads to generate more response you could ever imagine:

1 – A free prize or gift will always get people to keep your ads. People are generally excited every time they see or hear the word ‘free’. That’s why having it written in your copy can do a world of good of making your print ads valuable to your target audience. And don’t just give the freebie immediately. Create a contest or a puzzle before they can get the prize. Keeping them occupied with your ad makes it easy for them to hold on to your material longer. The more chances for you to convince them of buying from you.

2 – Always remind your target readers of their issues and make sure that you position yourself in your color printing ad that you become the only solution to their problem. Post questions that they will have to answer with either a yes or a no.

3 – A donation to a charitable institution always convinces people that the act of buying from you makes them more generous and socially conscious.

4 – Testimonials, especially coming from a famous person, establish your credibility and quality. Include a picture as well as their actual statements and you’ll surely get people to try your product or service.

5 – Include anything that was written about you and your business. If it’s a good review, then the better. This would add value to your copy, as well as increase your credibility in your target readers’ eyes.

6 – Get personal by including a hand written letter or signature. This extra bit can increase your appeal to your target audience. You can do it on a piece of paper, scan the document, and then include it in your ad copy.

7 – List all the famous and popular people who actually benefited from your products and services, and then include the list in your marketing material. Their names would add glamour and credibility to your color print ad.

8 – A before and after design usually gets attention. If the benefits of your product or service can be saved in photos and pictures, then add that to your print ad. Make sure to highlight the ‘after’ when the problem was resolved after a client used your product or availed of your service.

So the next time you begin creating your print ad, remember these suggestions and see how your marketing campaign generate leads to increase your sales.

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