Importance of your website coming at good position in SERP!

Being an owner of a website is a matter of proud for most of us. A genuine question arises that what is the use of the website, if your website is not getting the visitors?

The question is fair enough. If no one (other than you and your near one) is coming to visit your website then that website is useless. Let me explain this line.

A website in general provides three type of things, one is Service, second is Information and the third is Product. Now in the first case if your website is providing any services then what is the use of that website if no one is coming to use that service? Again in the case of an informational website if no one is going to read your informational articles then what is the use of that website? For the third type of website it is quite obvious that if no one is purchasing the product then that website is quite useless.

Other than these there are a financial issue too attached with the website. There are so many websites which provide a way to earn from your website, like Google Adsense, Widgetbucks etc. and there are so many websites which provide us the opportunity to earn cash from home, or from your website, or working part time from your home etc. etc. Also we can earn money from becoming the affiliate of any good website.

Now if your website is attached with any of these earn money from your website offer then still you won’t be able to earn any thing if no visitors are coming to your website. Otherwise if our website is an affiliate of a website then also we are not going to get any thing unless we can be able to sell there products from our website and unless our website is not getting visitors then how come we think about converting them into customer.

So ultimately, a visitor for a website is like having life in any human being. If a human being has no life then he is dead, in the same way if the website has no visitor then the website is also dead.

So, ultimately we all require visitors for our website. Now a big question arises: How? How can we get visitors? There are so many ways. One way is to run PPC (pay per click) campaigns like Google Adwords. If we are having a good budget then we can utilize that budget by spending them on Adwords and by this way we can get visitors.

Next way is to submit your website in directories. There are so many web directories available in the net from where we can get visitors by submitting our website in the proper category. Now if some one reached to that website for a search for that particular category then there is a chance that he or she can visit our website.

Next way to get visitors is to write down some informative article and submit those in some good sites which accept articles written by others, like ezinearticles, goarticles, articledashboard etc. These websites are commonly known for the visitors who really want to study good content, so if they will like the article written by you then there is a higher probability that they will surely visit your website.

Here is one more way to get visitors for your website. You can submit the news related to your website to the social book marking sites and you are sure to get visitors from there.

Is there any other way to get visitors? Well there are so many ways but the most important and the simplest way of getting visitors is from Search Engines. Suppose if your website is providing information about car’s and some one comes to Google and searches Car Review and your website came at the very first page of the SERP, then it is quite obvious that he will visit your website.

What if your website is coming at the very first page of all the searches related to your main keyword? Obviously your website will automatically get lots and lots of targeted traffic. Targeted in the sense since the people who are visiting your website were those only who were searching for that particular thing only.

So that’s all the importance of your website coming good at SERP. It is really not a small thing to reach to the top position for each and every keyword related to your industry, it requires lots of time, and proper search engine optimization

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