Increase sales by over delivering in your giveaways

So, you have decided to market on the internet. You researched the market. You waded through all the technical jargon of how to make a website. You registered your domain. You set up your auto responder, now you need to find some ebook to give away so that you can build up your mailing list. This is the point where many newbies are bound to make a critical mistake. You have just spent a good amount of money for all the setting up of your website. The next month’s bills are already on the horizon if not upon you. The pressure is great to get some sales going. The temptation is now is to just grab any old ebook to give away as an offer to your visitors in return for their email address. Do not do it!!!

Look at it this way. Do you introduce yourself with a smile or with a frown? Giving away something of little or no value to your visitors is a frown. No matter how good your product is, most people are not going to buy until about the seventh contact with you. If their first impression of you is negative, you can kiss their business goodbye.

I am talking from personal experience. I recently came upon a really cool website. The owner of this site offered a free newsletter. I signed up not thinking much about it. At that point in time I was considering creating an ebook in PDF format. My problem was that I did not have $300 to spend on a PDF writing program. The first free newsletter arrived from the “cool website”. Well that was my lucky day. In the newsletter this guy gave me a fantastic tip. He showed me how to create a PDF ebook with totally free software. Just one little insight contained in a free newsletter saved me 300 bucks, and that was only the tip of the iceberg. Don’t you think that I will now feel that this guy is worth my trust? Well here is how much I trust him because he over delivered on what he promised. I am writing this article because he told me to.

The moral of the story: Deliver more than you promise, it will translate in trust, good will and most importantly, more sales

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