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Nigerian digital promotionVirtually every day apps are introduced to Nigerians online in various niches that do many things that make online activities easier and convenient. These apps come from foreign and some from Nigeria. The point here is that, there are many apps out there; you as app owner have to compete for your app to be noticed, used or get downloaded.  With an app online promotion agency in Nigeria you need not to worry as has online digital promotion system in place to help your app dominate its niche.


Handing over your apps online promotion to means allowing apps marketing gurus to help you position your apps in Nigeria or entire Africa’s countries to the audiences it’s created for. This will lead to winning attention away from your rivals and take number one spot in the minds of apps users in Nigeria.  With the help of AdHang’s professionals which are the biggest monetization, optimization and targeting experts in the online digital marketing industry, armed with the very best and most advanced internet ads system, comprehensive and robust set of latest technologies and tools to educate, persuade and engage millions of Nigerians online.


In reaching your app target users in Nigeria, will employs multi-channels of digital marketing, AdHang’s 6 elements of online digital marketing;  using tactical digital advertising branding formats and meticulous result orientated strategies to penetrate the market for your app to achieve its objectives faster and easier than you ever thought possible in Nigeria. has professionals that will be committed to your success around the clock and aggressively promoting your apps every minute all over the internet.


Nigerian-digital-marketing-agencyIn digital marketing in Nigeria the agency has over ten years of experience in engaging Nigerians and Africans in usage of apps. will help you accomplish below objectives quicker in Nigeria or all Africa’s 54 countries:


  • Identify and attract new app users in Nigeria
  • Re introduces or introduces the new apps in Nigeria
  • Increase the number of users for the brand
  • To encourage greater usage among current users
  • To educate apps users regarding its improvement or uniqueness
  • To bring users to try the app online in Nigeria
  • If it’s meant for sale; to stabilize a fluctuating sales pattern
  • To encourage and retain its users in Nigeria
  • To combat or effect competitors marketing efforts in Nigeria
  • To encourage more download and subscriptions in Nigeria etc


The online promotional messages and other digital marketing components will be designed and built to be multi devices and platforms friendly in a such a way that Nigerians nation wide and Africans all over the continent will see your app when connected online at home, on their desktop computers, they’re logged in to a library computer, tablets, feature phones or on their smartphones, or on laptops in coffee shops etc.  These ensure spreading of your apps tentacles and brand all over the online places and cities. See how and processes will employ to take your app to dominate the market Click here

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