Reasons To Ignore Toolbar Pagerank Updates

There seems to be this hysteria around Google and its Toolbar updates. Maybe it relates to webmasters and web designers thinking that once Google make this fabled toolbar update that their website will magically jump up in the SERP’s. Well I cannot say this clearly enough but if this is what you believe then you will be sadly disappointed. Google just don’t work this way.

I see many, many articles, posts and blog comments by interested onlookers and self-declared SEO experts about the upcoming, and according to some people, well overdue, toolbar pagerank update. I have one quote I would like to share with you, from Matt Cutts who is one of the head Google Search Engineers, “Toolbar Pagerank updates are a non-event at Google”. The main reason Matt says this is because pagerank is updated constantly and the toolbar pagerank is only a snapshot of the real pagerank. So this being the case once the snapshot of the real page rank is taken and assigned to the toolbar database it will have no affect on how Google actually view or rank the website in the SERP’s. Fretting and stressing about where the toolbar pagerank update has gone is pointless because your web page already has a pagerank assigned to it, you just can’t see a little green bar. It’s just so teasing by Google isn’t it!!

So, what should we do now that we have decided that checking your toolbar pagerank and those terribly inaccurate pagerank predictors is a waste of our time?

Well, find some good articles on SEO. Read them. Find more. Read them. Absorb as much information as you can about SEO and online marketing. Read about the website language your website is coded in. A common language nowadays is PHP. Research keywords and how to find good keyword phrases. Take a proactive approach and make some modifications to your site that you now know are correct SEO techniques.

If you have already got web pages in the SERP’s then look for where you have 2 pages with 1 indented and maybe make some small modifications to the page that is the indented result and experiment with it a little. Keep a diary of your changes so that if you need to trace back to what changes you made you can. If they get a positive result then you can apply the exact same changes across other pages or if they are negative in the SERP’s then you can start again from where you were before.

Give at least a week or two in-between making changes so that you can know exactly what affect your change had in the SERP’s. Make only one change per page so that you can monitor that particular change vs. SERP’s rankings.

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