Company that Helps to Run Facebook and Instagram Ads in Nigeria

Companies that help run Facebook and Instagram ads in NigeriaThe company that helps to run Facebook and Instagram ads in Nigeria AdHang provides complete social media marketing and publicity solutions to companies, government agencies, and businesses from both local and international.  Is your institution interested in creating awareness using Facebook and Instagram? Are you interested in reaching millions of Nigerians on the above websites? Hire AdHang, the No.1 Company among companies that help run Facebook and Instagram ads in Nigeria. Every day, week and month Nigerians visit social media to carry out their day to day online activities to have fun and do many things– from meeting new people, interacting with friends, reading to posting contents, such as articles, videos, photos, etc.  Companies who know what they are doing leverage on this to achieve their mass advertising objectives like creating awareness for products and services, educating prospects about their brands and benefits of patronizing them, etc.

The importance of hiring AdHang for Facebook and Instagram ads in Nigeria

AdHang using over 10 years of experience in Facebook and Instagram advertising, there are enormous objectives and goals AdHang can help your agency, company or institution to achieve.  Some of the aims  AdHang can assist your firm to accomplish are educating the target audience, making people to take action, increasing sales, and creating awareness about an issue, product or service, etc. All the Facebook and Instagram ads in Nigeria are planned and managed by veterans with years of professional experience in achieving social media marketing milestones in Nigeria.

What other Social Media Services can AdHang help on?

Apart from running ads, AdHang can help you create social media handles, design fan pages, and manage the handles/pages in social media multiple sites.  When hired for social media management in Nigeria, below are the works AdHang can help your firm do:

  1. Develop relevant content topics (articles) to reach the company’s target customers (twice a week).
  2. Curate, and manage all published content images, videos, and written posts.
  3. Manage the day to day activities for multiple social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram,, and LinkedIn. This includes deleting of spamming contents, responding to common questions, or calling management attention on any given question asked by prospects/customers(in a case where response by management is not given on time, etc.).
  4. Administrate the social media pages and ensuring all are functional and look professional all time.

AdHang’s over ten years of experience in social media management, and the expertise in running Facebook and Instagram ads in Nigeria are reasons today companies around the world use the company to reach Nigerians. AdHang is a-dream-come-true for companies across the globe interested in Nigeria’s consumers, or audience.  For questions, more details and social media  ads costs in Nigeria click here. Facebook and Instagram ads management company in Nigeria

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