Nigerian Scripts Installation Service

Do you have an idea for a Web site, but don’t possess the technical know-how to install some certain Website scripts to perfect your Website work? Our Nigeria Script Installing service can help get you up and running with the installation and configuration of professional-grade scripts. We can also assist you in selecting a web host suitable for the type of script you wish to install on your website.
Nigeria Script Installation service Install All Kind of scripts such as CMS Scripts, Email marking scripts, live help chat, Message boards/forums scripts, Affiliate Scripts, Blog Scripts, Shopping Cart Scripts, Recommend us Scripts Advert System Scripts, Open Source Scripts, etc., for You For Just N6,000
We offer a cheap, professional, and fast script installation service for PHP or CGI/Perl scripts

Our script installation service covers the following
Uploading the script to your hosting account with FTP
Creating the required MySQL database and use
Dumping the MySQL file to the database
Chmod all files (set appropriate permissions) and directories that require a change to allow the script to work while maintaining proper security measures.
Making the MySQL settings in your script.
Create the necessary folders on your hosting account.
Finally, we will test that your script is working well.
·Note: This service is for installing scripts, not customization or restructuring your website, If we can not install the script we refund your money.

What To Expect From Our Service:

·Your script will be installed within three working days from the time you have provided all the needed information.
· Your script will be installed in the most secure manner possible.
· Your script will be installed entirely to a working condition as intended by the software designers. This service is for the installation of the script only.
· Upon completion of the installation, we will prepare a text file for you containing all your login information as well as any special instructions need to access your script admin area if applicable.
· If your hosting account does not meet the script’s requirements, we will work with you to have your web host make the necessary changes if possible or suggest a hosting company that will meet your needs.
· If the script cannot be installed for some reason (either as a result of errors in the scripts or hosting issues) We can wait while such is ratified
· What does it cost?
All installations are N15, 000. Multiple install discounts are available. If you have any questions regarding this service or need any other Nigeria web development service hit the support button above to let us know.
Make payment in Bank below and fill out the form here, you can make payment in any Zenith Branch in Nigeria

Bank: Zenith
Account Name: Perfect Visual
Account Number: 1015184282

After your purchase, if there is a need, we will contact you within 24 hours and give you further instructions.

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