eCommerce App Digital Marketing Firm in Lagos

eCommerce app digital marketing firm in Lagos AdHang is a leading eCommerce  app digital marketing firm in Nigeria, and the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa. The primary purpose of AdHang is to consistently deliver International standard levels of app digital marketing campaigns, results beyond apps developers’ widest dreams and expectations, and value that are so extraordinary apps’ owners rave about AdHang for years to come.

AdHang can help you create awareness about your apps, increase number of downloads, and establish the app in the minds of users, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you the eCommerce app’s owner is from Nigeria, or not, eCommerce  app digital marketing firm in Lagos AdHang will help your team achieve its app digital marketing objectives and goals faster and easier than ever in Nigeria. 

Apps digital marketing at AdHang has numerous digital marketing solutions – from online display advertising, influencers marketing to social media marketing.  AdHang’s marketers make greater use of advanced advertising techniques, at the same time run compliant app digital marketing campaigns.  Nobody understands Nigerians than AdHang, and the firm will help accomplish your app’s goal in Lagos and around Nigeria.

It is important to mention that AdHang is one of the few Nigerian digital marketing firms that have international standards. eCommerce app digital marketing firm in Lagos is a dream come true for ecommerce apps’ operators targeting  Nigeria and Africa’s continent. Using over ten years experience in digital marketing, AdHang will completely help your team write digital marketing planning, create online adverts, select platforms for the eCommerce digital marketing, and professionally manage the app marketing all over the internet.

To get started with AdHang is simple.  Provide AdHang with the following requests:

  1. About the eCommerce app – name, features, benefits, etc.
  2. Objectives – create awareness, educate users, increase number of the app download, etc.
  3. Digital marketing budget for the app (this will help AdHang to tailor the proposal to the budget). E.g. no need to write N30, 000, 000 monthly, when the company’s budget is N2, 000, 000.
  4. Duration the company wants the digital marketing to run. E.g. 6 month, or 12 month, etc.

These will help AdHang to give an effective digital marketing practical proposal for the app. AdHang will take it up from here and handle the rest. By the way, AdHang had done digital marketing planning for eCommerce app for companies. You can read the situation analysis example here for one of them. AdHang experience on this makes things easier your company, and put AdHang as the right agency in Nigeria/Africa for this project.  For more detail, and questions you can contact AdHang using above link.

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