Five Ways to Boost Your Marketing Power

Building an online business is not easy, especially
when you are on a very limited budget.  As I come
in contact with more people, I realize that numerous
publishers and netpreneurs are overlooking some very
effective free advertising opportunities.

Examples of these opportunities are:

1.  Welcome letter for your subscribers – I subscribe to
tons of groups and ezines and am always disappointed
when I get the default welcome letter. Personalize it
by introducing yourself and letting the subscriber know
about your website/business.  This is a crucial moment
in that you can start bonding/connecting with the reader
before they even get your ezine.

*Inform them of any specials you might have.
*Tell them your advertising rates and add a testimonial.
*Invite them to your site to utilize the free resources.
*Let them know your email so they can contact you.
*Use some of the space for ad swapping with other
publishers and their welcome letters.
*Add an affiliate product or program review.

2.  Goodbye letter for your subscribers – This is your
last chance to get this person back.  Make it a good
one!  😉

Thank them for being a subscriber and encourage them
to re-sub.  I also have a little message in my goodbye
letter that encourages people to let me know why they


Thank you for being a subscriber to the Bulletin.
I am sorry to see you go.   If you could take a minute
to let me know why you unsubbed, I would appreciate it.
Please drop a quick note to   (put email here)
Thank you.

By doing this you might be able to change their minds
and if not, you could find ways to improve your ezine
for the next subscriber.  Remember, always send them
an appreciative thank you note as well.

3.  Email Signature – This simple but powerful method
of promotion is unknown to some.  By using an effective
email signature, every time your email goes out to
someone, you have free advertising.   Join several
discussion groups and message boards to utilize your
sigtag to the maximum.

Example of a email signature:

Warm regards,
Jane Doser

FREE Ecourses – Sign-up for one or all!
(Put link here.)
Build Your Business with Us!
(Put subscribe email here.)

You want to keep your signature fairly short – about
6 – 8 lines.  Many discussion groups will have a limit
to the number of lines you can have in your sigtag.

4. P.S. – It has been found that a P.S. is very likely
to get read.  Using a P.S. can be quite effective.
Make it short and to the point.  A P.S. novel will more
than likely be ignored!


P.S.  Need more subscribers?  FR~E Report
(put email or link here)

Then you would have your main message on auto-
responder.  Do not just send them a sales pitch.  Add
some useful information and resources that will
actually help the reader.  This will get you more
credibility, which is extremely important if you want
more customers.

5.  Thank you page – An excellent way to get more
subscribers is to get together with a group of fellow
publishers and set up a group subscription page.
Every time someone subscribes to one of the group’s
ezine, the thank you page will come up with a message
something like this:

Thank you for subscribing to the Bulletin.  Take this
opportunity to check out more quality ezines.  Please
check the ones you wish to receive.

You would have each groups member’s ezine listed with
a short description.  This is a very powerful method of
gaining subscribers because the person is already in
a subscribing mood and will most likely check most or
all of the other ezines.

The above advertising opportunities are quite simple,
but simple can be most effective!

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