Here’s 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising Online

advertising onlineRunning a company is expensive. You have to manage your business costs such as salaries, overheads, bank loans and more.

Traditionally, many companies spend thousands of dollars each month advertising in the newspaper, radio, magazines and on TV. The problem with the traditional method of advertising is that it’s just too expensive.

Running a campaign such as launching a new product or service, opening a new business or creating exposure to your brand can cost you an extra few thousand dollars.

The Rising Costs In Business
Every year, expenses increase such as gas prices, rental, salaries, supplier costs and more.
These costs can get out of control and you run the risk of not hitting enough sales to If you do not control those costs, you may run the risk of keep your business afloat.
One powerful way in which you can reach more customers, reduce your expenses and increase you profits is through online advertising.

Here’s 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising Your Next Campaign On Internet

1. Lower Your Advertising Costs
One of the most attractive qualities of advertising online is that you get to lower your
advertising costs. For example, if you’re advertising on TV, that may cost you around
$30,000USD for just 30 seconds!
That’s a huge advertising budget for any company. However, if you’re advertising online, you
can reach the same amount of people but at a small fraction of the costs.

The same people watching TV are the same people using the Internet to research. The
reason why advertising costs is much lower than traditional advertising is because technology
improves every year and therefore cost of technology decreases.
It’s also a lot faster to deliver information across the internet rather than on TV and other
traditional medias.

2. Increase Your Profits

When you shift your advertising from traditional advertising to online advertising, you get to keep more profits. For example, let’s say that you’re selling dining tables worth $1,000 USD each and your
traditional advertising is running at $5,000 per month.
You need to sell 5 dining tables to break even on your advertising budget. After that, any sales made would be considered profit.
However, let’s say you decide to shift your traditional advertising to online advertising. You notice that advertising online is a lot cheaper and end up spending $500 per month to reach the same audience.
You’re now sell 5 dining tables worth $1,000 each and you make a gross profit of $4,500!
Just by shifting your traditional advertising to online advertising, you made an additional
$4,500 gross profit. If you want to see how our online advertising agency in Nigera works, click here.

3. Reach Your Target Audience

Every year, technology improves and so does our usage of it.
We are constantly on our smart phones, social media networks, checking Facebook, Google,LinkedIn and more.

You may have noticed that we spend more time on social media than watching TV or reading the newspaper. So why not advertise and reach your audience on the media they are using? When you advertise online, you reach your target market. If your target market are busy
professionals, they most likely don’t have the time to watch TV and are likely to be moving around a lot.
By spending thousands of dollars on TV advertising, you waste a ton of money in your
business when instead you could of reduced your costs by advertising online.

4. Engage Your Audience

Imagine the ability to hold your customer’s attention for 30 seconds. As they are waiting for a meeting, they are watching a video of yours on their smart phone.
When your target market is accessing your content on their devices, they remain engaged and can interact with your campaign.
Unlike traditional advertising where the audience can only see and hear messages, with online advertising they can use the mouse to interact with your advertising such as answering questions, moving the video location and more.
When your advertising to a traditional media such as TV, your target market is completely mixed of people aged between 12-65, consumers, some business owners, etc. However when you’re advertising online, you can customise your campaign and reach the right audience at a lower price.
For example, you can adjust your advertising to reach people aged between 25-35 who are interested in basket ball and all male gender.
When you engage the right audience, you lower your advertising costs and increase your profits!

With traditional advertising, you spend a lot of money advertising to local customers.
However with online advertising, your customer base is global and therefore you can send your message all over the world.
If you advertise to local customers, your income will be limited, however if you target your customers at a global scale, then you increase your income and your customers.

6. Test and Measure

Whenever you advertise online, you can track and measure the progress of your campaign. For example, if you advertise using traditional advertising posters, it’s very hard to track how many people looked at your poster.
However if you advertised online using online banner advertising, you can view the statistics of how many people clicked on your banner and calculate how many sales you generated from that. This is extremely effective because you can measure your results and track your progress. By having the ability to measure how well your advertising is going online, you can make smart business decisions.

Try Advertising Online Today

If you haven’t tried online advertising, you should get started right away because you’re missing out on a huge amount of opportunity to reach your target audience.
However if it’s your first time to advertise online, it can be quite daunting and you can also make plenty of mistakes a long the way. Let us help you get started the right way by clicking here.

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