How to market correctly on the internet

Did you ever get involved in a multilevel marketing scheme? You know the process. A friend or a co-worker has ran into this cool inexpensive product that is sure to make you a load of money. All you have to do is pay a sizable entry fee and then commit to buying so much stuff every month in order to qualify for your big commission checks. Your down line was going to make you rich because nobody would really resist to buying into such a great bargain. The result was almost inevitably painful. You lost money and you got stuck with stuff you did not need and were never going to use. The question I would ask is this: Why is it that the vast majority of people that get involved in multilevel loose money? But more important than that: What is it that makes those few elite multilevel marketers successful and ultimately rich? Common sense will give you the answer of course. The successful multilevel marketers have these characteristics. They have at least some ability to sell, they work very hard and they do not get easily discouraged. By now you should be asking: What does this have to do with internet marketing? The answer is very simple. In multilevel you need some ability to sell. On the internet you must have some computer savvy in order to follow simple instructions, so that you can create and operate your own website. In multilevel you need to work hard and not get discouraged by a few setbacks. On the internet it is the same. If you have had any experience spending money on internet marketing schemes, you should be able to discern the fallacy when you hear “You don’t need a website to make money”!!! But where did you sign and spend your money? On a website!!! It should have been so obvious and yet many of us did not see it. A multilevel marketer without some ability to sell has no chance of making money. An internet marketer without the skills to create and operate a website is like a multilevel marketer without any salesmanship. People who come to a website are already looking for products or services. However, notice the key points of the last statement. “website” and “people come”. These are the keys. You need a website and you need to drive people to it. Any other approach is almost certain to fail.

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