Internet Marketing – 10 Ways To Tell If You Are A Guru

Over the last few months there has been an incredible number of new “guru’s” appear in the world of internet marketing. Amazingly this has coincided with a whole host of very poorly though out products that offer very little or no value to purchaser. Coincidence? I’ll let you decide.

It could be that you are already an internet marketing Guru and you don’t even know it yet. Just to help you out here is a list of 10 things that will help you work out if you are in fact an Internet Marketing “Guru”

10. Every family event, Birth, Wedding, Christening or Funeral is seen as a potential   source of sales and the Ideal opportunity for an impromptu Seminar.

9. You approach the local paperboy and offer him 50% of sales to your new product in return for use of his “list”

8. You start to use words and expressions like “skyrocket” and “Explode your Income” in day to day conversations

7. You write your wife a note to tell her you’ve taken the dog for a walk and it stretches to 8 pages

6. You phone your local Wal-Mart and ask If you can get your shopping “even if it’s 2am”

5. You and your friends’ idea of fun is seeing who can get a poorly written book to no1. in Amazon

4. You get embarrassed in the showers when you find your friend has a bigger list than you.

3. You decide to sell your car but won’t tell anyone the price until they are in the bank and ready to pay

2. You take your youngest kid to a new school and then try to up sell to your oldest  kid and tell the headmaster that he will never see this offer again

1. You can’t see the irony in the last 9 reasons

What do you do If any of the above apply to you? If you recognise that more than 1 of the 10 are applicable then I am afraid you are probably beyond saving

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