Internet Marketing – the Vital Ingredient!

Having created a wonderful website in order to sell your product, you now need the means to entice your visitors to actually buy. For this, you need two vital things. Firstly, you need to capture the names and email addresses of visitors to your website and, secondly, you need to be able to communicate with them. Make sure you have a mechanism in place for this before you start promoting anything online. Research has shown that it takes 7 visits to your sites, or communications with, a potential customer before they will be tempted to buy something from you. Without the means to do this, you will have missed a golden opportunity to make money. Building up a mailing list is vital to your new business. The essential tool required is an autoresponder. The autoresponder will capture names and email addresses from your website (the start of your mailing list) and then allow you to send targeted emails out to those people. It manages your database of potential customers. A section on the autoresponder can generate the HTML code for a sign-up form to place on your website, which then directs those visitors’ names and email addresses to a particular campaign in your autoresponder. You can have several campaigns running at the same time if you wish. But, you may ask, who would just give you their name and email address? By giving away something free and of value on your website, such as a report, eBook, or mini-course, people will be tempted to subscribe. Giving away free information really works. Within your autoresponder, you can set up pre-programmed messages to send to your potential customer, such as an initial and instant message and a link to a page where they can download their free report or get more information. Then follow up with further email messages with extra and more persuasive information at different intervals, 2 days later perhaps, then 5 days after that, and so on, and all will be dispatched automatically by your autoresponder. In this way, you can send out emails for a planned marketing campaign to entice them to buy your product. And because your customers have voluntarily signed up, your emails will not be considered as spam, but value their privacy and don’t pass their names and addresses to anyone else. As you build up your mailing list of names and email addresses from your website visitors, and the number grows, why not send out a broadcast email from your autoresponder when you release a new product? Many of those who bought your first product may well buy from you again. You can sell to your list over and over again, but don’t overdo the frequency, and give enough of an interval between products, otherwise you will turn your customers off! Alternatively, you may like to send your mailing list a regular newsletter of interesting snippets of information – this is also possible with your autoresponder. One tip: if you can pay for an autoresponder service, all the better. The free ones tends to place adverts on the messages you send out, which may not look professional to your customer. So for real and profitable success in your Internet Marketing business, get yourself an autoresponder and subsequently a mailing list. It’s your vital ingredient! Good luck! Penelope Housden.

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