Methods to promote the website

Many friends have conclude the methods,but with the passage of time,a lot of new approaches.Often these new approaches,in actual operation have more remarkable achievements.Many applications currently web2.0 very fiery,but search engines on web2.0 elements,more friendly. web2.0 elements used to promote their sites.Of course,I want to integrate my predecessors and on the means to promote web2.0 way to do something in conclusion:

1:SEO.In fact,we should consider the establishment of the website at the same time,the proven effective for several things.URL alphabet,simple straightforward headlines division title “and his” meta-appropriate,functional RSS subscription,rich website linked to the website map, labels, the most important thing is not to do evil.After they finish,submit to the search engines.

2.RSS.Use RSS in addition to enriching website connected,users will have a subscription.Then there are several RSS polymerization sites,the search included so fast.For example, interested in the content of the site through subscription,we can increase the traffic,and users can also increase the viscosity.

3.Cyber Digest.This method is very good,very effective.Some cyber digest can give your website often bring considerable traffic.

4.Link exchange.It is imperative to promote the website.

5.E-MAIL.It is a good way to promote.Many of the website’s success,to a great extent,depend on the promotion of the way.

6.Advertising.That,we need to spend a lot of money,but the recommended method is more economical to promote their advertising,so basically the same expenditure.Website traffic has also been promoted.

7.Rich conten.Users rely on the word-of-mouth marketing legend,it is actually very effective.

Recommendation:Join the key social search engine.Search engine traffic to the website is huge.However,the search engine has its own personality.Want to use search engines to have a great traffic or require a lot of ability.Of course,we can choose a new social search,such as:deyeb.Actual effect!Web2.0 combination of many elements such sites,but he is a social search engine,users will be the message.Promotion of the content, it is easy to achieve the ultimate goal of such websites.Methods (There are many similar websites, you can find themselves):

1.Download Tools Bar
2.Promote their own to the collection and search results through tools bar.
3.Also in the “group” and an “encyclopedia” to promote your information.And the effects of promotional skills.Not blindly made advertisements,were shut out.Rich content carrying the promotion, is the best way.

Actually,the most important thing is to do a rich content,the most important thing is to promote the prudent choice is not connected,Quality is important.Combining a variety of marketing methods,the best result is a search engine marketing and Internet advertising.Other methods have certain effects.However,However,it is desirable to attract target customers,or more of the traffic is useless.

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