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Are your company offering services or sells products for other business? Do you need to market these services and products to industrial buyers or subscribers? Let’s with digital marketing efforts and internet positioning help you advertise your company and its products/services to the target potential buyers and industrial customers quicker and easier in Nigeria.


AdHang is managed by some of the sophisticated online digital industrial goods marketing, positioning and season experts in the online marketing industry, armed with the best and most advanced system, comprehensive marketing strategies and robust set of modern technologies and tools to target, educate and create an awareness for industrial goods and services online.


Whether your company is established brand in Nigeria or not will further position your company online and bring to the notice to key players in the industrial you target about your company’s products and services through advance online digital tactical and strategic approach. Think about the next steps you would like the potential industrial services buyers to take, whether this is visiting your website, ringing a number, or being able to recall your brand when they are in market for shopping for the services/products you offer; then AdHang will run a digital advertising or marketing that will accomplish all these.


The Advertising objectives may be directly linked to your company’s marketing plan, and tend to fit into the following generic categories:

  • Inform – raising awareness of your brand & products, establishing a competitive advantage
  • Persuade – generating an instant response (usually driving sales)
  • Remind – to maintain interest and enthusiasm for a product or service

The above objectives can be further narrowed to goals depends on what is important to your company at this stage.

digital marketing company NigeriaIt’s important to mention here that will prepare and create all the online digital marketing materials from A to Z and run your marketing campaign all over the internet targeting the prospects around the clock non stop till the contract period expires. All marketing campaigns will be focused on your set objectives and goals on contract with

Worth repeating here is as leading industrial online marketing company in Nigeria has experts and season professionals that will be dedicated to your industrial products/services success around the web. Every online marketing process follows international best practices and standard with top strategic approach to outshine your competitors.

Read AdHang’s industrial’s business campaign approach at to know how AdHang will market your products or services and achieve your company’s objectives and goals in Nigeria.


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