Real Time Lead Generation Made Easy

Real time lead generation using the internet is a topic that scares many people. “Oh, I’ll just buy leads”, you say or “It is too much trouble and time to learn to generate my own”. What I say to that is, “Maybe with many methods yes but it does not have to be that way”.

The new rage on the internet is using ‘capture pages’ or ‘squeeze pages’. These are simple little one screen sites whose only purpose is to convince people to leave you their contact info. You want to keep them short and sweet. Think of it like a business card on the web.

Imagine this scene for a moment…you are walking down the street and you see a stranger. You engage this stranger in conversation with a simple “hello”. They respond back positively so you continue and get into a little deeper discussion of your business and why you think they would be good at it.

What you would do if you wanted to be successful is to tell them one or two of the biggest reasons why they would make money with your company and how you would help show them how. You would not pull out your 100 page training manual and start going through that with them line by line.

That would be information overload. I had that happen with a couple of the courses that I have bought from the online marketing gurus. The courses had great information, there is no disputing that. However, drinking from the fire hydrant can be painful and lacking in usefulness. This is how I felt when getting 2000 pages of information and different techniques all at once.

You can get more information about the company I found that I am finally getting some results with using the link at the end of this article. Of course it will go into greater detail about driving traffic to your site and some different methods to do that. One that I have used very effectively is learning how to get good with Google Adwords. It is a bit tricky at first but when you get some level of mastery is very powerful.

That will get you started on your way to creating your own real time leads that are interested in your company or product and I know you will find much greater success with these than generic ones you could purchase…just as I have.

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