Why Nigerian Companies Deserve Professional Web Marketing

Nigerian companies web marketingNigerian companies like their counter-part around the world deserve professional web marketing that serves Nigerian companies for long term on the World Wide Web. Marketing concept and discipline hasn’t changed with the advent of internet; don’t allow anybody to tell you otherwise.

Suddenly, some skinny and low waist dressed boys began to surface in corporate body board’s rooms and companies offices all singing the praise of social media and soliciting to help companies get fans and reach people on social media.  The problem with this is that these fellows are not trained or qualify to represent a brand. When they talk and hear the world social media they define it in terms of facebook and twitter. According to a web marketing agency in its ebook “Introduction to digital marketing” the ebook reviewed that there’re at least 7 categories of social media such as news aggregator, photo sharing, forum, wikis, social networking, file sharing and video sharing. Out of these 7 categories facebook and twitter belong to one category called social networking in social media family; thus limiting their prospect from a start.  Not to mention even in the social networking categories there are thousands of social networking platforms out there that do very well in different niches. E.g

Again according to another ebook by “Online digital marketing planning and strategy” there are six elements of online digital marketing which are: content marketing, display ads, social media, mobile marketing, affiliate/influencer and search engine marketing. You notice that social media is just one out of many channels to engage Nigerians audience online.  I think these people are not intentionally misleading but are looking at the web marketing from their narrow perceptive. The implication is that Nigerian companies loose money, waste time and do not get what they deserve compare to their counter-part in the less of the world.

Another set of group is the worst one; these fellows go around spamming internet platforms and abusing web tools in the name of web marketing thus tarnishing Nigerian companies’ image and reputation around the globe.  One popular world’s leader once said that our children will grow up one day and see all the mess as any information we put on internet remains there forever and for next generation to see.  What he didn’t specifically add is (because of insidious nature of internet content curation) Nigerian companies that employed unprofessional for web marketing will hurt their credibility in the long run as all the mess begin to pop online in the future they never knew existed.

What some companies abroad that had made this mistake try to do when they realized the mess is to try to change name, re-brand or announce the resign of executives among other tactics of restoring public confidence.

There are so many implications and dangers of doing web marketing wrong. Solution to this is get your web marketing right by hiring expert such as a trusted and time tested world-class web marketing agency in Nigeria to design, run and mange your web marketing. It might cost you a little token but the price is pretty small compare to when non expert that has no name to protect does it for you.

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