Changing Domain Name – The Best Way!

Accept the fact that there are actually some times you need to change your domain name. Changing domain names is, in fact, a very rare, but the fact that it is very common today. Many were changing domain names for specified, and with that, many people also face problems.

The process of changing domain names, according to some veterans in the field of domain name is something a lot of time and the possibility of some very big mistakes. Well, every problem has its own solution, right? So a fairly simple solution and safe alternative for a smooth and seamless transition in changing domain names is possible through the implementation of mod_rewrite and htaccess ..

Now, what is mod_rewrite y. Htaccess?

According to some studies, mod_rewrite, and that becomes important in changing domain names is an Apache module that provides the way for rewriting the URL. Many consider this tool for changing domain names as transparent to the end user and therefore do not require special software on the user’s end.

In an instance of domain name changes, the user requesting the mod_rewrite in changing domain names will still see the old domain name in your browser address bar on the first page you visit, but usually you’ll see content under the new domain name. By using the mod_rewrite in changing domain names will also provide a search engine user friendly.

On the other hand, the htaccess file. Plays a role in changing domain names containing certain Apache directives for specific applications, including security, redirection issues, and also contains the answers on how to handle certain errors. Such function. htaccess is very necessary in changing domain names of the reason that the Apache that contains a common web server that helps smooth and easy process of changing domain names.

Knowing the facts about these two important instruments, so it is important to note that before doing anything, you should consider some issues surrounding such a change of domain name. These issues should be considered for these will help for a smoother transition. So according to some experts for changing domain names, the first major step is to review the web host to ensure that they support the mod_rewrite module, otherwise the bid procedure will not work. Then it follows that you must activate your new domain name. It is only necessary to ensure that the construction of the base file name is exactly like when I was under the old domain name.

After that, you create a file. Htaccess. It is interesting to know that. htaccess in the domain name change can be done with a simple text editor such as Notepad, and it should be noted that the file has no extension of the tail. the name must be the same htaccess. If it does, the syntax below should be inserted. You should know that when changing domain names, the old domain name will still appear in the browser window, but viewing the contents of the new domain name. Of course, there are still some rules behind these steps to change domain names, but unfortunately that is beyond the scope of this article.

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