Create Your Site For Perfection, Nothing Less, Or You Loose!

Many writers on the web are writing articles about attracting visitors to your site, what about when you loose those visitors because your site wasn’t up to par???

You’ve spent all this time marketing your site to attract more prospects to your web site, but what’s this, ooops, the very 1st link they click on gets a great “ERROR 404 – Not Found”.

What just happened to that visitor?

    * Did they hit “back” on their browser? – 56% do
    * Did they try and “refresh” the page?  – 8% do
    * Did they move on and search again? – 36% did

Just like that, all your hard work, your new prospect is now gone and possibly forever.

How does this article tie into “Web Marketing”?
It has everything to do with it. Marketing is not only about flash and dance, it’s about creativity, testing, re-testing, and phycology. That’s it. This entire article is about getting into your mind and the mind of your visitors to attract new business.

So what happened to your visitor?
Although a very high percentage of people do “hit back” on their browser, you’re still at risk of loosing 36% that are just browsing for fun, venture and/or something to do. Many people when they browse on the web, don’t actually shop for your product or service, they just happen to bounce into your website and it triggered a sale.

Create Perfection, Nothing Less:
We are all students to perfection, even our site has “dead links” within. It happens to the best of us, the key is to consistently be putting your website through testing and development. Note: I understand that there are many websites out there that never change, if your site is already perfect, congratulations! – BUT … I dare you to start creating new content for your site daily, it won’t be long before you catch something off.

Perfection is a journey, not a task:
Enough said.

A lot of people get really anal when it comes to making mistakes on their site. “You’ll never find a mistake here” – Someone told me a while back. Within 5 minutes I pointed out to them a very important image that wasn’t showing up anymore, they had moved their image folder around. They weren’t impressed.

Let’s Go Back A Bit…

What Happens When Your Site Is Poorly Designed?
This is the #1 reason why you will either fail or succeed online. I’ll repeat that, a poor design will help you fail. Bottom line. I apologize if a few of you are speechless and don’t know what to do about it. Don’t worry, thoughts are things, think of situations that may help your goal in mind.

Is your site poorly designed? Here are some of the things people will think when looking at a poorly designed website…

    * – Hmmmm, are they still in business?
    * – If so, how are they doing it?
    * – Wow, welcome to the mickey mouse club
    * – Can I trust these guys with my personal information?
    * – They must be desperate
    * – Did they create this site 10 years ago?
    * – Time to update, until then, I’m gone
    * – They don’t seem to take pride in their work
    * – They still make sites like this?
    * – Must of taken them minutes to create this

You get the point. This article hasn’t been a fun one but, a needed one.

Create Your Site For Perfection In Order To Win :

Would you like to keep all your visitors? Would you like to increase your sales? Then keep putting your website under review.

    * – Clean it up
    * – Take out the trash
    * – Increase your content
    * – Create new images
    * – Do something to improve your site right now.

Bottom line is no one is here to hold your hand. We can only sit back and watch to see what you feel is appropriate to present your business, your family name, and your honor. Improving your site brings greatness to your work. If not now, maybe later.

My Promise To You:
If you improve your entire site tonight, tomorrow will be a great day for your business. It will have undergone a well deserved face lift that brought life into the picture. You will feel better about yourself and where you are going.

I hope you enjoyed the article.

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