Article Submission: two ways to do!

Everyone knows that submitting well-written, keyword-rich articles to article repository sites on the Internet is the best way to build links to your web sites in Google and other search engines.

But very few people realize there’s a wrong way to do this. And doing it wrong is worse than not doing it at all.

Most people who are new to using articles as part of their marketing strategies get off to a bad start because they don’t understand the delicate strategy involved with precisely placing articles in the article sites best suited for a particular subject.

You see, not all article repositories are the same. Some get high traffic for all subjects. Some get highly-targeted traffic across one or two very specific niches. And some don’t get any traffic at all. Those sites fall under the definition of “bad neighborhoods” according to Google.

Not understanding the differences among article repositories is where the trouble starts for the inexperienced marketer. These days, it’s too easy to sign up for those “article blasting” services that SPAM article repositories with thousands of worthless ads; the ads that have been written by who knows who and are often filled with spelling and grammar errors. As these types of articles build up in the lower-quality sites, and they build up very quickly thanks to the thousands of people using these “blasting” services, the site begins to develop a bad reputation. Soon, the search engines start dropping the links like hot potatoes.

How do savvy professional marketers get around this ranking trap?

They depend on the services offered by professional article placement agencies. These agencies specialize in submitting articles manually to hand-picked sites that will return the best search engine ranking results. The people behind these professional services understand how the article placement game is really played. They know that success is all about quality and has nothing to do with quantity. After all, what good is having your articles listed on hundreds of sites if those sites are banned by Google and other search engines? It hurts your business!

When you use a professional article placement agency to manually submit your articles, you don’t have to worry about ending up in bad neighborhoods and getting your search engine rankings mugged in the process. Instead you’ll get the quality links you are looking for. Your articles will only appear on those sites catering to your category; sites that are visited by both live humans and search engine spiders on a regular basis. This kind of strategy is what pays off in the long run.

Don’t sabotage your article marketing strategy just because you choose to believe the hype those “blast your way to success” hucksters throw out every day. Remember how productive FFA sites used to be and how useless they are now? FFA “blasters” ruined that marketing opportunity, and the article blasters will ruin this marketing opportunity if you let them.

Get better results by letting the professionals manually place your articles in the appropriate repository sites. Remember, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.
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