Free Targeted Traffic – Get It Now!

Although it is much tougher to get targeted traffic to your site the odds that someone will buy your products will be much higher. On the other hand, if you can get enough non-targeted traffic to your site, even with a low percentage of sales, you can still increase your income by a similar amount.

Think about it. If you could get 100 highly-targeted visitors a day to your site and sell to 10% of those potential buyers, you would be making money. However, by attracting 1000 non-targeted visitors to your site each day and selling to only 1% of those viewers you would make the same number of sales. So the question becomes “which is easier to attract, targeted or non-targeted traffic?”

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me when I say non-targeted traffic is much easier to get. One of the best and fastest ways to attract new visitors to your site is with autosurf programs. You can sign up with several paid autosurf sites and then almost immediately have hundreds of viewers looking at your site daily. And it is free to join many of these. No matter what you are selling a certain percentage of those viewers will in all likelihood be interested. You could be selling dog biscuits and at least a few of the 1000 visitors to your site will be interested.

Ideally you should attract targeted visitors to your site, and there are several good ways to do that. But while you are working hard to get good traffic to your site you may want to get others to visit too. After all, a few sales from low-quality visitors is better than no sales. While you are building up your targeted traffic you could also be getting non-targeted traffic for some extra sales. Why limit yourself to just one group of potential buyers?

If you are interested in quality traffic there are several methods that you might want to try. One of the best ways is with testimonials. There are two ways to benefit with testimonials. One, whenever you buy a product from someone else you can send them a testimonial that they can publish on their site. Internet marketers know that “testimonials sell products” and will many times love to add your testimonial to their site. A testimonial adds credibility and potential buyers are more likely to buy a product from someone that has lots of great testimonials. The trick here is to make sure you include a link to your site in your testimonial. When someone visits the other site and sees your testimonial they can click on the link to your site. Only people interested in what you are selling will come to your site …targeted traffic.

The second way to benefit from testimonials is to put some of them on your site. If you can get email addresses for the people buying from you it is a simple matter of mailing a request for a testimonial to them. You can put these testimonials on your site which will increase your credibility with shoppers, even with the non-targeted shoppers.

Writing articles is another way to promote your site and get targeted visitors at the same time. There are many popular free article directories on the web that you can submit your articles to. Other web masters often get articles from these directories and then add them to their own sites. All you have to do is write an interesting article (like this one) and then submit it to several article directories. Not only will these article sites publish your article on their site (with links to your site), but others will grab your article and put it on their own sites (with links to your site). Some of the more popular article directories are,,, and many others. Just type in “free article directories” in a search engine and you will be amazed how many there are.

These are two great methods for attracting high quality traffic. But what about the easier low quality traffic? The best way to get traffic quickly is to sign up with online autosurf programs. It seems like most of them are scams, but there are actually a few very good ones. Not only will you get your site viewed by many, but you can also make some very good money with these auto surf programs. Autosurfing has become an extremely popular way to not only make money online, but to get lots of traffic to your site.

Companies like you, that have web sites, can get lots of traffic from autosurf programs. When you join an auto surf program you have the option to list your web site in their “autosurf” rotation. Some paid auto surf programs even allow you to join for free. And you can usually join the others for just a few dollars. Thousands of other people that belong to those autosurf programs will end up viewing your web site every day.

But in addition to attracting others to your web store you can also make money autosurfing. For many, auto surfing is big home business. Some people are making thousands of dollars every month. You might actually end up making more from paid autosurf programs than you will selling your products online. Although there are plenty of autosurf scams out there you can also find some very honest auto surf programs where you can make a good return on your investment. You just need to do your homework before joining any of the hundreds of autosurf programs on the net.

So there you have it. We have discussed three successful ways to get visitors to your site. And remember, if you limit your attention to only targeted traffic you will be missing a lot of non-targeted traffic and potential sales. Keep an open mind about the type of traffic you want to attract and you can be successful with your online business.

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