How Reinvention Can Render Your Brand Immortal

It’s always a good thing to start over when you don’t get the results you expect from your marketing campaign. It might be that you’re doing it wrong or maybe because you haven’t been able to zero in on your brand the first time.

Whatever your reason, you however, must realize that a makeover of your brand can make or break your business. Re-branding is not always the right choice to increase your sales that have become too lethargic, or to surpass the competition. It all depends on the makeover itself.

Reinventing the wheel as they say with your brand can be vital if done right. On the other hand, it can be nothing short of dangerous when you create more mistakes than good. You have to remember that a makeover can only be effective if your kind of service is really something different from all the rest, and that customer experience is equal or worth more than what your clients expect from you. Without these factors, however which way you do it; your reinvention of your brand won’t cut it.

Second, you should also remember that changes that are so different from the first can drastically change the kind of brand you would want to be known for. And it might eventually lose you your clients instead of generating new ones to add to the list. While this may be horrible to even consider, yet you cannot discount the fact that this result is inevitable. You will always lose clients even if you ensure that you gain new ones. Catching a wider set of clients and prospects with your re-branding will always have consequences that you might not be ready to accept.

So when is it the right time to do a makeover? When your image is not truly reflected in the first place, then reinventing your brand may just be the best thing to do for your business. A poor quality marketing tool, even if done by an expensive commercial color printing company, is of no value to you, and will do more damage than help you increase your sales.

Does your brand reflect your true image, your objective, and your values? Or your brand is a contradiction of what you actually uphold as your brand of customer service? Is your promise to deliver reflected in your brand?

If it doesn’t match those of your product’s benefits, then it would just be a waste of your time, money and effort to continue using your brand. It won’t make any difference at all even if you utilize it for many years more.

Perhaps you really need a makeover. Or perhaps the original can be adapted and updated to make it look fresh again. The key is to make sure that your brand will not lose its appeal to your clients, and instead help you gain more for your business.

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