How To Get Your Website Indexed Almost Immediately

Everyone on the internet who owns a website wants to know the answer to the question, “How do I get my site indexed?” Well, let me enlighten you. The fastest way to get your website indexed is by writing articles and press releases. Surprised? Oh, you were expecting me to put you through some long boring ordeal. Let’s examine this a little further.

One of the biggest things you can do to create more traffic to your website is to create back links from other sites. Let me clarify, what you want are one-way back links. Reciprocal links are okay but the search engines are catching on that this isn’t real value but really just trading. If you can get hundreds of relevant one-way back links to your website then you are not only going to get traffic from the links, but also from your increased ranking in the search engines.

This is not a one time task. You must put article writing and submissions on your daily schedule as part of your daily business plan. This is time well spent in building your business because you will see instant results. The article directories are starving for content and will accept any well written articles. I have seen my articles indexed sometimes in the same day and my website showing in the major search engines as quickly as the following day! That sure beats waiting months, doesn’t it?

So, now you are wondering “How do I submit to hundreds of article directories, won’t that take forever?” Under normal circumstances the answer would be yes, but there have been many advances recently and there are automated article submitters to make the task easier. To see the one the author recommends, see the resource box.

Now, for the second step, press releases. Press releases are the next tool in the Internet Marketer’s arsenal of online marketing weapons. And just as with articles, this cannot be a one time deal. One doesn’t have to do press releases on a daily basis, but doing them on a weekly basis will go a long way to getting your website indexed quickly.

Just as with article submission, you can do the press release submissions manually or you can take a lesson from me and automate the process. By automating the process you will be able to submit press releases to all the major press releases sources and set it up where they will be repeated as often as you like. See, the software program the author uses in the resource box.

If you combine these two methods of promoting your websites I can promise you that you will see much quicker indexing as well as drive traffic to your websites faster than any other method.

So get after it! Don’t wait, your site could be indexed tomorrow!

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