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I have written articles about website promotion in the past, however things on the internet are always changing and my opinions have now changed. This article is all about my new website promotion ideas, ideas which I use on my all of websites.

A good linking campaign is the main priority. Attempting to increase the number of backward links you have pointing to your website is essential. However you have to be careful. Here is a list of do’s and do not’s.


Increase the number of backward links pointing to your website slowly

Obtain backward links from within the same industry/market as your own

Build up the number of one-way links your website has pointing to it

Write articles and submit them to article directories

Add your website domain on all of your adverts, documentation and e-mails

Offer the visitors to your site the chance to sign up to a monthly newsletter

Offer the visitors to your site a free e-book

Write press releases

Do not:

Join a link building website to automate your linking requirements. These are tempting to join however are frowned upon by the search engines. Always remember hard work pays off.

Increase the number of backward links to quickly

Purchase too many link text ads

Just leave your website without any promotion, it will not grow on its own

Build hidden pages

In my opinion one-way links are vital. These are the most powerful form of backward link and the search engines love them. I can see no way in which they can penalise a site that is only acquiring these type of links.

The best and easiest way of obtaining these one-way links is by writing articles like the one you are reading. Once you have written the article, you then need to submit it to a number of article directories. You are able to add a link to your website on the bottom of the article and the hope is that other webmasters will want to include your article on their website, thus giving you a one-way link.

I have been writing articles for around a year and I must say it has done wonders for my businesses. The number of visitors to my sites have rocketed and the page rank have also steadily increased.

I hope you have found this article interesting to read and beneficial to you.

Good luck with your website promotion campaign

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