One Way Links Are Given And Accepted With Love And Are For Ever.—Grab Them!

Unlike Reciprocal Links, One-Way Links also known as Inbound Links are obtained by you or in fact given to you with Love and for ever. Yes,they have come to stay. One-Way Link is a link pointing to your website from another site. You do not have to link back to that website. In other words you need not reciprocate. One-Way Links play a vital role in increasing your Link Popularity.

Link Popularity is a measure of the number of sites of quality and relevance that point to your website. The more number of such sites, the higher will your page rank be.

Search Engines consider One-Way Links superior to Reciprocal Links because the website that links to your site without getting a link back, endorses the fact that yours is a website of quality.

Webmasters are known to adopt various methods to artificially increase the Link Popularity of their websites, such as purchasing of high PR links. Search Engines have now become aware of this and hence major Search Engines appear to be devaluing sites that solely depend on reciprocal links.

Good Reciprocal Links are often obtained by begging and are in some instances not permanent due to unethical practices of some webmasters. On the other hand One-Way Links have a different story to tell.

1. If your website has good content and valuable information, other webmasters will link to your site, because they Love and appreciate the contents of your site. You thus get a permanent One-Way Link more often with the same theme as that of your website.

2. I have posted about 550 articles in my website written by other webmasters, because I Love those articles and would like my visitors too, to appreciate and benefit from these articles. Similarly several hundreds of webmasters have published my articles in their Directories, Ezines, Newsletters and Websites for the same reason.

Writing expert articles of quality, that are informative and educative, sincerely from your heart is appreciated by the audience. The result is that your articles are often sought after and published by webmasters. Thus you are given a permanent One-Way Link with Love.

3. Listing in Web Directories is another great way of securing One-Way Links. A list of these Directories can be obtained by going into the Search Engines. By submitting your website to the relevant category in these directories you are assured of a high quality relevant One-Way Link that will be there for ever.

Furthermore there are several high PR Directories who Love to list your website but charge a fee for listing. Get listed and you are again assured of a quality relevant One Way Link for ever.

4. If you have purchased a product and like the product, write a good testimonial about the product and send it across to the webmaster or vendor concerned with your URL in it. He would be thankful to you and would Love to publish your testimonial, thereby giving you a One-Way Link.

In addition to these methods there are additional ways in obtaining one way links by posting relevant comments in Forums, Blogs and submitting Press Releases etc.

To increase their link popularity, webmasters endeavor to acquire as many quality reciprocal links or one way links. For reasons already indicated Webmasters Love one-way links and Search Engines appear to Love them even more.

The manner in which One-Way Links are obtained can be viewed from a different perspective altogether.

Webmasters Love your website and link it to theirs. They love your articles and post it in theirs. They love your product and write a glowing testimony. Directories love your quality website and list it. You love them in return for giving you a One-Way Link for ever. On the other hand in reciprocal links exchange or link trade as some term it the whole approach revolves around begging and bargaining.

The more number of relevant one way links you obtain, the greater and faster your chances of increasing your link popularity and climbing up the Page Rank ladder. The benefits of a high page rank are numerous. So the earlier you start to capitalize on these On-Way Links that are given for ever with love, the happier you are going to be.

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