Traffic/Hit Exchanges, How to get More from Them

A Traffic /Hit Echanges is an advertising medium where if you agree to look at the ads of others then they will see yours. Not ads actually but your website. From the psychological standpoint all the other sites are already involved with something so why would they sign up for something you are advertising but you can choose the category of the type of sites you will be looking at and the type of people who will be looking at yours. For example if your site was selling appliances then in the category section, when setting up the details of your site, you would choose shopping.

Plus even if they are involved with something already they still might like to look at other possibilities. I’ve noticed that most Interent Marketers are all involved in multiple streams of income. If your website copy is good then people will look past the landing page, which this also pertains to free classified sites and FFA site is if your headline is good enough to grab people attention then the likelihood of positive results are even greater.

Now a lot of people may be saying that these exchanges are as useless as FFA sites but I have seen a lot of marketers who are making full time income’s on the Net using these Exchanges and these people will only make use of advertising that are producing results. In their earlier days a lot of people would just keep IE running displaying these other sites but nowadays you have to view a site for anywhere from 10 seconds to half a minute then click on a specific image in order to advance to the next site. This way the exchanges know that somebody is actually viewing these sites on their network, not using some software that automaticall surfs for them.

Now there are still ways to use these Exchanges and get results without having to shell out any money for the purchase of credits. I use a tabbed Browser that I got from a freeware site and I have a different Exchange on each tab. Sometimes I may have a dozen or more exchanges running at the same time. The way i do this is after one exchange asks me to find a certain icon and I click on it i then tab one over and do this on the next eaxchange. I think one night I actually earned apriximately 400 credits per exchange on 4  different exchanges. This only took a few hours but I had nothing else going on at the time.

Now on a few exchanges that i though were pretty effective I have purchased extra credits which are not expensive at all. maybe about $10 for 1,000= credits which if the exchange had a 5:1 ratio would translate into 200 displays of my site which can be a lot cheaper than PPC.. I also want to add that if your Webpage has a good design that invites viewers want to get more information then those 200 displays of your site could turn into 20 to 40 people wanting to be added to your list of subscribers, or shoppers, or future clients and if they like your site then they may tell others thus creating a viral effect.

If you want to find out who the best Exchanges are of the week on a weekly basis then subscribe to the HitexchngeNews. If you want to find out about a good Browser then email me and I’ll reply with my opinion.

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