Valid Ways To Increase Your Link Popularity

Link Popularity is one way to build traffic into your website. The idea is initiated by Google cofounder noting that if one website A points to another website B, this implies that website A is endorsing B on its own website. Therefore, the better a website is, the more links pointing to that particular site.

This concept is now known as link popularity. A lot of webmasters are obsessed about their site link popularity. Some tried unscrupulous way by buying hundreds of text link from another site. But this method works only in the short term. A frequent updates from Google, also known as Google dance, change its algorithm periodically.

The effectiveness of buying the so-called text link has been decreasing as Google made some changes to its algorithm. Recently, some suspect that the latest Google update also diminish the value of reciprocal link. Reciprocal link is exchanging link with other sites where site A link to B and site B made a link to site A.

I am no expert in search engine algorithm. The only individuals who know how Google works is those folks residing at Googleplex themselves. However, I believe that there are some ways you can do to gain link popularity.

First and most importantly, you need to build lots of contents. Having lots of contents enable you to give information to search engine users. When these folks like your thought or insight, some of them will eventually quote your article and provide a source, the equivalent of a linkpage, pointing to your website.

Furthermore, as your content grows, you will be viewed as the expert in your field. This will in turn attract more surfers and webmasters which will ocassionally give you a link back.

The second way to get more links is to open your own web log or blog. People that read your blog will click on the link you provided if you can give them an interesting article to read.

The third way to gain link popularity is to submit a one way link page to web directories. While this method is less effective, a one way link is a safer way to go rather than a reciprocal link. The reason is that your site normally do not get penalized from a bad link pointing towards you. After all, you can only control your links pointing to other websites and not the other way around. If you are doing reciprocal link with a ‘bad’ website, google will penalize you too since you ‘endorse’ their websites by providing a link back. With this method, make sure you don’t oversubmit your website to one specific directory.

Google’s spider may suspect lots of links pointing to your site as a sign that you are buying a text link from that particular site.

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