You Never Really Appreciate What You Get For Free Online

It’s true; you never really appreciate what you get for free online.

Sure, you download the stuff; then more often than not file it and forget it.

Different story though when you shell out hard cash; then you value your download, you savour the content, you delight in your new found discovery, you anticipate the wisdom it is about to impart.

Then nine times out of ten…

1.    You discover you already know all this stuff, or
2.    You realize it is total hogwash, or
3.    You have to shell out again for an upsell to make it work

Now you compare it with similar free stuff you downloaded earlier and are surprised to learn there is intrinsic value attached; value you failed to spot first time around – if you even bothered to look.

Free stuff can be good if it follows these criteria…

?    It emanates from a genuine source of expertise in its genre
?    It does not set out to sell you something you neither need nor want
?    It contains content of genuine value

Free stuff can make you money when you dispense it yourself if…

?    Your offer is presented in good faith
?    Your offer does not attempt to persuade the recipient to make a complementary purchase
?    Your offer provides a genuine solution with no strings attached

Above all resist the temptation to infest your offer with a proliferation of thinly disguised affiliate links; they will just hack off the beneficiary.

Free stuff will build you a priceless resource if…

All you ask in return for your free stuff is an email address where you can relay a message with the download link.

Treasure your flow of freely given email addresses; compile them daily into a priceless asset; your ever-growing voluntary optin list.

Now you can think about upselling…

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