5 Ways to Advertise Online in Nigeria

advertise in NigeriaThese are 5 ways to advertise online in Nigeria, though there are tens of ways to advertise online in Nigeria, these are common and simply ways to advertise on internet in the country. These methods are straight to the point without bothering you with jargon associated with all the online advertising processes.
To advertise online in Nigeria below are 5 ways you can advertise in Nigeria:


Online forum marketing- online forum marketing is one of ways in which Nigerian businesses and companies can advertise online. There are thousands of open discussion forums out there in virtually any niche you can think of, niches such as car forums, health forums, doctor’s forums, students’ forums etc also country, city or regional forums e.g Here we are not talking about spamming these forums, because forums are meant for discussions of issues not advert. All you need to do is simply put your advertising message on “signature” on your profile, and start contributing to discussions, whenever you make a post in a thread your signature will be showing. This way you’re doing two things at once: contributing meaningfully to discuss and at the same time promoting your message. Please the point here is don’t go to online forum and start a thread with advert message, you might be banned from that forum.


Social networking marketing- Social networking website is one of good ways Nigerians business and companies can advertise in Nigeria. Is important to mention here that Nigerians go to social networking website, to share, read, have fun and meet people. So whatever strategy you are bringing into social networking marketing must work around these areas. Nigerians are not in social networking websites to buy product or subscribe to a service but to do above listed things. Just as there are thousands of open forums in the internet; there are thousands of social networking websites out there in all works of lives and professions, including cities, countries and region e.g., is important to say here that popularity of social networking website doesn’t mean effectiveness for your business or company. So don’t go to a social networking website because your competitors are there. Always track, measure and observe every process and stick with the social networking websites that benefit you most and be very active there. This writer is very active at blogging, commenting, setting fan pages there and constantly updating them and linking them to choice of websites own by the writer.


Free classified ads website- Free classified website is one of ways Nigerian business and companies (especially starter) can advertise online their products and services to Nigerians that visit these free classified ads websites. Many classified ads website have a good search engine ranking and easily rank whatever products and services listed on them. That is to say apart from those that visit classified websites directly you will get a lot of traffics/buyers coming from search engines. Make sure you write a unique and good content about your business and company to attract search engines and foster positive perception in the eyes of humans too. Again there are thousands of free classified websites in Nigeria and Africa’s continent e.g Always post at the right categories whenever you go to free classified website to ensure that your listings will be approved and remain there forever.


Pay for online banner- Paying for online banners is fastest and easiest way to expose your business and create awareness online than any of the listed above. There are many Nigerians websites that allow you to place banners in different sizes in different location of their websites. All the websites above allow you to place banner ads in multiple locations of the websites. E.g., and The prices of banners in these websites are little compare to time it will save you and reach your target audiences by creating awareness faster and easier. Note that there are different types of websites in Nigeria with unique audience; just identify the ones that best suit your objectives and budget and contact the website owner(s) for banner advert.


Using online advert agency in Nigeria- Using online adverting agency is a good option to save you the time of doing everything yourself and also brings about having professionals run your online advert for you. Online advertising agency has the online adverts expertise and will carry out the online advertisement professionally, and run a complete and highly effective online advertising in Nigeria. For online advert in Nigeria hire, it’s a world’ class Africa’s leading online advertising agency based in Nigeria. will help your organization or business to plan, design and create online advert from A to Z and professionally run your online advertisement in Nigeria. AdHang has seasoned online advertisement professionals that will be committed to your success around the web. With the agency you need not to worry about advert effectiveness as it has experts with years of experience in online advert in Nigeria. You only need to list your objectives and then focus on your business and products while works around the web fetching your customers and reaching your potential buyers/subscribers in Nigeria.

These are 5 Ways to Advertise Online in Nigeria.
I wish you good luck. Thanks.

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