Marketing Telecom Services Online Nigeria


Nigerian telecomm digital marketingTelecom services are still in developing stage in Nigeria and at the same time highly competitive industry. This means marketing telecommunication services online require seasoned experts and advanced online marketing services. To embark on internet marketing campaign in  Nigeria renders advanced and  highly sophisticated online digital marketing for telecommunication services that engage stake holders or potential clients (in case of b2b telecom marketing) or educate and persuade target customers and potential customers (in case of business to end users telecom marketing).


With over ten years of experience in online digital marketing scene in Nigeria Africa and first internet public enlightenment agency in west Africa. is manned by some of the biggest digital marketing positioning, internet campaigns optimization and digital users targeting experts in the online digital marketing industry, armed with the very best and most advanced system, comprehensive and robust set of modern technologies and online advertising tools.


In Nigeria different telecommunication services niches require different online marketing strategies and approaches to reach target audience or potential buyers they meant for. This means has expertise to design digital marketing campaigns that target different stages of telecom services and market to the audience accordingly.  Depends on what the company’s marketing objectives are at any given moment like to educate the target end users, create awareness, stimulate a sales etc has telecommunication online marketing professionals that will be committed to your success in Nigeria nationwide.


In creating telecommunication services online marketing in Nigeria has series of digital marketing tools, technologies, strategies and employs AdHang’s 6 elements of digital marketing  and online multi-platforms. There are proven advanced digital marketing campaigns to get your telecom company desire outcomes in Nigeria faster and easier than you will ever thought possible. All marketing services are carried out professionally and follow international digital marketing best practices and standard. when hired will embark on aggressive and highly advanced online marketing that will reach millions of Nigerians in case of end users services or your clearly defined target clients in case of business to business campaign and will aggressively fight a desperate battle and win attention away from rivals in the industry.  No matter your target market in Nigeria will help out achieve following objectives:


To identify and attract new customers or clients in Nigeria

To introduce a new services in the Nigerian market

To increase the total number of users for an established brand

To encourage greater usage among current customers

To educate consumers regarding the product improvement

To bring customers into retail stores, distributors or designated places

To stabilize a fluctuating sales pattern on the services

To increase reseller or third party inventories of the products/services

To combat or effect competitors marketing efforts in Nigeria

To constantly remind clients or end users about the services/products

And so on…..


Companies around the globe get their Nigerian online digital marketing objectives reached by To start telecommunication online marketing in Nigeria see AdHang’s approach


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