Goals, Plans and Actions & The Future of Marketing (Conventional and Internet)

I read a quote once:
“It’s not a tragedy not to achieve a goal it’s a tragedy not to have that goal to achieve!”
How many people wonder through life, without any aim or purpose, just passing the days?  How many people with the best of intentions set a goal and go about trying to achieve it, and just because of an “issue”, they give up on the goal, then they fall into the aimless category?

How many people are just plain stubborn – like time – just go on and on to achieve their goal but don’t because they didn’t realise all that was hindering their success was a minor issue that could have been resolved if help had been sought!

To succeed in anything you need to have the right mindset, planning and action are simply not enough.  You need a positive attitude, accept that you will make mistakes, accept that it wont happen by tomorrow and most importantly be willing to listen and learn (ask for help – don’t be afraid).

Whatever your goals are, at some point along the way it will involve money – whether your goal is to be the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or simply to help the helpless you still need money (via profit or donation).  I’ve come across a straightforward and simple method of helping to achieve that goal, they are profiting from Internet Marketing.  How many people use the internet now?  It’s not small is it? – Lets face its only going to grow with increasing use in emerging markets like China and India (I was in India last year there is hardly any internet use – I felt lost without my buddy “the internet”!

These days, companies are looking for better methods they can relay their messages to potential consumers – so as to reduce advertising costs and increase customer acquisition (and later retention).
There are 3 ways that messages can be relayed at minimal or no cost.
1. Face to Face Direct Marketing – visiting potential customers at their place of residence (check local law to see if this allowed where you reside)
2. Internet Marketing – having even a basic website that has some traffic coming to it – is better than having no website – there is more chance of attracting/retaining customers.
3. Word of Mouth/Email – Have you ever told someone about a product or service that you’ve had a good experience with?  Whether you do it by telling someone or emailing them, it’s a recommendation from a positive experience.
As advertising budgets decrease and competition increase the use of the above methods of marketing are simply put “the way forward”.

What about me?  There are many ways for you to market online, you can market other peoples products (be an affiliate).  You could even create your own product or service (maybe you already have one).  The first thing to have a basic website; best of all – you don’t need to hire anyone – these techniques can be learnt for little or no cost.

I came across a course that taught me to build my own website – in under a week I learnt what I thought would take at least a year at college.  There are various things on this course that interested me; I’m not going to get into the exact content – the BEST thing for me was that everything was SHOWN to me – step by step.  I’m sure you’ll agree – that’s the best way for people to learn something new.

If you want to open more doors in terms of potential income and satisfaction then Internet Marketing might just be your ticket!

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