Choosing The Right Domain Name

Many people got lucky and sold at unbelievable prices domain. Was it pure luck? Or was there something that still does not know? Is there still the domain of gold left in the already mined domain market, to put in our hands? We’ll see.

First we are going to see some of the main reasons that makes a domain is priceless and sellable.

# Generic or Day of the words of everyday life.

# Their extensions weather is. O. Com Net’s popularity. (At this point. Com)

# The characters less. (For example, 4 or 5 maximum)

# Their pronunciation. (Do not say ePDU or something else that is not pronounceable)

# The keyboard relationship. (It would be easier than writing “tyru” instead of “oqzk.” Some companies that want brandable names see this)

Now if you look at the first point about generic or on the words of everyday life most of them are taken. So how do you find any others? Here’s the tip. Just try to sit down with a pen and paper while watching television. Enter the words you think might be available as a domain name. You can do the same when you’re reading a novel or a newspaper. This trick surely pays I have many of my domains to see “Terminator” and “Home Alone” kind of movie.

Now the extension. If you have found a great word that is already registered with the extension. Com. Then you can try other TLD. But this is some kind of risk. Surely you can reg “” and “” but you can bet your money on “” or “” So you just apply some ideas here.

Talking about less characters If you find a 3 letter name then just pounce on him. It really has the market. But there are none right now. So look for 4 or 5 names of the characters. Apply all of our rules we have seen before, and even then, if it goes through all these steps without problems, then take in.

Pronounceable or not is also a factor. If you know the English language, I think you know how you’re reading this article then no problem. For those who are weak in English can be treated or any other dictionaries which are available online to find the name.

Do not be discouraged if your word is not on there. You can certainly ask for some other kind of chat that is not interested in the domain of the word. Otherwise, the man who is asking may reg front of you and all your dreams can get shattered into pieces.

Last but not least is the keyboard connection. Some companies may look into it. If they are willing to spend their millions for this domain and other millions for marketing it and making it a brand. You can try this. some words are just a movie on the keyboard. As I said before “tyru” is easy to write, while in oqzk is a bit more difficult. Try it and see the difference.

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