7 Fisherman’s Tips to Avoid Losing Money on Your Web Site Design

Web site design to connect a customer is very like fishing. Try these seven tips to make money.


Step 1. Research.


Lo – I do not think a fisherman starts with research? How do you know not to fish in the bathtub? How do you know not to fish for dorado in USA? How do you know your favorite cake lemon meringue in a sardine hook will not catch sharks?

Imagine you’ve invented a 100% for Paraguayan piques. You pay a graphic designer for the design of your website. After a year that have not been able to make money. Your host tells you that the few visitors who had stayed for only ten seconds.

The research we’ve said
* Your prospects do not speak English Guarani
* Most of them can not read Guarani
* Even fewer speak English
* Most of them do not have computers

A little research at Overture would have said that only 3,791 people seeking to awaken in a month, but most of them were interested in polo, not a bug. Does your potion Jiggers kill? 1,432 people have looked at that word, and were mostly North Americans. Maybe you could make money with them?

If the web site design could inspire 10% of these researchers to visit your sales page and 10% of these bought from you that would give 14 customers a month. Is it enough money to pay for the design of your website? You’ve been fishing in the tub!


Step 2 Preparation


As a fisherman who has discovered what fish are in your area, which are attracted to where you are, and found a place where you will not get your line tangled with the lines of other fishermen.

My research for this article revealed that “web site” had half a million searches, but people could be totally uninterested in web site design. Web site design ‘had only a third of a million searches, but readers were more specific. There were 239 advertisers on Overture, which proves to be popular, and there are only 24 million competitors.

“Building a web site ‘had less than 50 000 researchers, but competitors 337000000. Oh! I think my lines are entangled!

So the rule is: find what you want, then design your site with pages full of information they want. If anyone is interested in the topic, online advertising or to find another theme to the design of your website.


Step 3 Get the crowds


Sprinkle oatmeal soaked in secret ingredient in the water, and soon the fish are following the scent back to where you are.

His first task is to make web site design appealing to visitors.

Tuna fishermen, without pulling the baited hooks in the mass of fish and pull them into a kind of rhythm. The hook, which has no beard, snags a fish that falls into the cellar, and the hook is released again, the whole process take a few seconds.

Google Adsense is great for making money with this type of web site design.


Step 4 Research


But that was in step 1 you object? Their research should never end. Talk with other fishermen. Visit the forums of the fishermen. Search Google for information. His oats has attracted the fish, but when you put it on the hook lava.

You should find out what bait will stay on the hook long enough for hungry fish to bite. This will vary from season to season. Experiment and record your results.

Research for the design of your website should never stop. Try different ideas to make money and record the results.


Step 5 pre-sale


OK. Your fish are round hassle for you. Your bait has some colorful feathers to hide the hook. You want to convince the fish that your bait is more attractive than the rest of oatmeal.

The design of your website, you must begin to describe their experience with whatever you’re selling to make money. You should try to communicate in any web site design, interesting only to find what you are offering.


Step 6 arouse enthusiasm


Keep pulling your bait in the water for the fish is thought

* You better act while the food is there!
* He goes to the other fish. Better be soon!
* I can get a better deal, but what if I do not?

If the design of the website is aimed at affiliate income, do not try to sell yet. You strike only after the bait is in the fish’s mouth. That the seller handle the final step.


They hook Step 7


Once the fish has the hook in its mouth strike to drive home spikes, then fish can not let go. Then roll the fish and eat it.

Oops! I am not advocating cannibalism! Once your web site design client is connected to the same rules do not apply.


Bono Council


To succeed, the design of your website must have ways to keep your customers so happy that you keep coming back again and again.

The design of your website, obviously, must have a contact page. You must have a FAQ page. You must offer new sales of products related to making money for you. If you eat your client does not have to return to again and again.

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