A Few Cool Photoshop Tips And Tricks, Part 2

Photoshop is a powerful piece of software with plenty of cool tricks you can apply.

What Can You Do With Advanced Photoshop Tips and Tricks?

Advanced Photoshop users are often familiar with all tools and have mastered most of the fundamental tutorials, tips, and tricks, such as creating a cloudy background. Some people are unaware of all of the cool tricks that Photoshop has to offer, especially when you’ve upgraded your version to CS. The power to create some of the most impressive works of digital art are only a few clicks away once you get a hang of advanced Photoshop shortcuts and tricks.

Some Photoshop tricks on the advanced level can help a more tedious project seem easier. The more you learn the tips and tricks of the trade, the better your overall creations will turn out. To get an idea of some of the advanced tricks associated with Photoshop, a few examples are mentioned below:

Photoshop allows advanced users to create digital comic coloring that looks just like the human hand penned it. The tricks and tips associated with this sort of higher-level design deals with the manipulation of various brush sets to achieve the look you desire. Photoshop also lets users create photomontages that can transform an original photograph into something much different.

There are also tips and tricks that can take your most unfavorite picture and alter it in any way you wish. Let’s say you want to change a regular photograph into something dazzling. Advanced Photoshop tricks can beautify a face that displays a natural appearance. In regards to a photo, skin can be fixed, blemishes and wrinkles erased, teeth fixed and whitened, as well as changes made to the eyebrows, hair, and eyes.

When one is able to master advanced Photoshop techniques, the creative possibilities seem never-ending, including 3D glass balls, planet and star-studded skies, matte paintings, and airbrushed illustrations.

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