Buying Long Domain Names? Is it worth it?

Wisdom is that for a long time the domain names should be short and memorable. Of course, it’s great when you can get a short name that works for your business, but it is sometimes difficult. Why not go for a longer?

The idea that domain names should be brief, is as valid as it once was. There are many successful websites with domain names as long This article will teach you when you are good to buy a long domain name and why you would want.

The long and short Domain Name
Long domain names are a good way to go when your site is only going to generate traffic from online advertising, like Google AdWords or natural results of search engines. On the Internet people find your site by clicking on hyperlinks that already have the name of your domain Web site written by them. So if you have a domain name as long as it is already there for the visitor and not have to remember.

For example, suppose you own a hosting company that specialize in providing cheap web hosting. Why not call your site It is long, but communicates a lot to customers and perhaps even more valuable is that it will communicate important information to the search engines your site. How do you ask?

Search engines use the words in your domain name as a method to discover what your website is and use that information to help determine the extent of their classification in the list of search results. So if you have the words “web site, hosting cheap” in the domain name then the search engines use this information to possibly its highest rating a domain name that does not contain those words. So by naming your site “” has an advantage over when people search the phrase “web site, hosting cheap.”

Therefore, if your business is tightly focused on accommodation anyway might as well use those words in your domain name if it means that search engines will better match the sites without those words in their name domain.

Domain names in the Media
How about no Internet marketing? While long domain names for radio or TV? The answer is yes as long as he can remember. If you watch TV at all I’m sure you’ve seen the ads for That’s a very long domain name considering not long ago that I needed to have a name like or to be viable. But as I write this freecreditreport. com domain with the name came to mind instantly. That’s a very good domain name for long. In our example scenario, I would say that a site called will be remembered by people who are interested in saving money on accommodation. The key is to put together the words in your domain name to flow naturally. “Cheap Web Site Hosting” is natural English. But almost certainly a problem in the media.

Therefore, you should go for a long domain name next time you buy a domain name? Ultimately depend on whether you can get a short version that is convenient for and importance of the slight advantage in the search engines is a value to you. But at least you can keep these factors in mind to buy a domain name. You just may find that a long domain name is a reasonable way to go to your business.

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